We are partners
in the success of
your real estate project.
Terrace of the Néo project in Saint-Léonard
The success of a real estate project depends on a seamless strategic planning process, a well-managed construction site and an effective marketing approach. That's why we're with you from the earliest stages right through to the completion of the sale or rental, making sure that every step is handled masterfully.

As a partner, you gain access to our specialized in-house expertise in real estate development, our extensive construction experience and our solid network of trusted collaborators.

Residential, commercial, industrial: whatever the scope of your vision, no project is too small or too big.
OUR 5 major strengths

Expertise in predevelopment

Our expertise enables us to quickly identify your project’s levers and obstacles, validate good ideasand find innovative solutions to potential problems. This enables us to develop properties that are durable, attractive, popular and, most importantly, profitable.
OUR 5 major strengths

Experience in construction

The four Dév Méta founders all led fulfilling careers at the head of major constructioncompanies. They have in-depth knowledge of the industry and Montréal’s businesscommunity. 
OUR 5 major strengths

In-house team

Our in-house team represents numerous complementary professions. Every project is enhanced by their expertise in urban planning, real estate law, business development and financial analysis.
OUR 5 major strengths

Network of partners

When you become our business partner, you benefit from a strong network of expert collaborators at every stage of your project. Architects, engineers, investors, construction companies and sellers—we nurture relationships of trust with the best in the industry.
OUR 5 major strengths

Synergy of services

Our all-inclusive services in predevelopment, project management and marketing cover every step of property development. Working with you from the initial idea to the final sale, we stay focused on one goal: developing an exceptional project.

Property development


Everything begins with the site. We start by identifying its ideal using our team’s experience, creativity and expertise. Our greatest strength is planning, designing and developing in detail the best possible real estate project based on the sector, market and profitability.

  • Market, feasibility and social acceptability assessment
  • Design and validation of the real estate project
  • Financial analysis
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Direction and management by professionals (for example, architecture, engineering)
  • Application for permits
  • Financing

Project management

ensuringthe work goes smoothly.

The plan needs to be implemented expertly. Our accessibleand proactive team of professionals manages every phase of the constructionproject efficiently and methodically. That’s how we achieve the final goal:meeting investors’ expectations within budget and on time.

  • Coordination of the various professionals
  • Construction progress monitoring
  • Timeline validation
  • Budget validation
  • Quality control
  • Problem solving

Marketing and sales

OPTIMIzing project performance.

Good marketing drives sales. We take the needs of future buyers into consideration starting at the predevelopment stage. As a result, our properties sell quickly. We collaborate with real estate marketing professionals from the outset. This proactive approach makes all the difference for project profitability.

  • Analysis and recommendations starting at the project design stage
  • Network of experienced sales professionals
  • Performance reporting and sales analysis